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Language Engineer

Zürich - ZH - 8048

Language Engineer

About Digital Asset:

Digital Asset is among the fastest growing, most recognized fin-tech startups globally and is the market leader in developing distributed ledger technology applied to the market infrastructure and financial services sector. Backed by leading financial institutions, infrastructure providers and financial software providers, the company is delivering enterprise-grade solutions for post-trade services. Digital Asset applies a rigorous customer-driven approach to deliver on our vision for a better global financial system, enabled by distributed ledger technology.

Our culture is "all-in" and rewards collaboration, integrity and excellence.

We value each other, what we do for our clients and how we do it.
Our mission is delivering breakthrough distributed ledger solutions.
As we grow our team, we will maintain the dynamic, collaborative and pragmatic way of working that has grounded our efforts from the beginning. If you seek to develop solutions others are yet to contemplate and are driven by the opportunity to have an impact, the following opportunity may be right for you.


We have built the Digital Asset Modelling language (DAML), which is the centerpiece of our distributed ledger technology. DAML is a contract language that consists of a strongly-typed purely functional core extended with domain-specific constructs to express the flow of rights and obligations underlying today’s multi-party business processes. Application Developers using DAML and our distributed ledger technology are supported by the DAML SDK. It provides a type-safe integration of DAML with existing technology like Java, Scala, XML and SQL, and contains DAML Studio, which provides a modern IDE experience to develop, test, and analyse DAML programs.

Working on the Language Engineering team with Digital Asset involves partnering with people around the world (we have centers in New York, Zurich and Sydney), working with exciting new technology, where many of the answers haven’t yet been figured out, producing solutions for clients, such as replacing the settlement and clearing platform of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and making sure the end result has the quality required for robust usage. It’s challenging work, but the impact could be huge.

Key Responsibilities:

Working on our Haskell and Scala code bases, writing code (primarily Haskell for this role).

Developing and improving the DAML language and related tooling.

Coming up with ideas on how to make things better, both for us and for our users.

Following a collaborative approach that factors, embraces, and insists upon diverse perspectives. We are a smallish team, so everyone matters, and all opinions are valuable.

Key Criteria:

Experienced functional programmer. Either some open-source libraries (Hackage/GitHub) or commercial experience.

Writes good, clean, effective code.

Existing compiler development experience is useful, if it’s with GHC then even better.

Connect With Us:

Digital Asset is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, citizenship status, veteran status or any other basis protected by applicable law. Applicants with disabilities who require accommodation should contact HR@digitalasset.com.

To Apply: Please email recruiting@digitalasset.com, with the subject line: Digital Asset LE Application - Work.Swiss
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Arbeitsort 8048 Zürich
Fachbereiche DienstleistungenHandelInformatik, Computer, Telco
Organisationsbereiche Ausführung, Produktion
Arbeitspensum 100%
Stellenantritt 23.10.2018
Digital Asset (Switzerland) GmbH

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