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Human Resources Manager

Zürich - ZH - 8058

Human Resources Manager

Our new Human Resources Manager will ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Human Resources Department and the implementation of Hyatt’s Talent Philosophy throughout Hyatt International’s Regional Office based in Zurich-Kloten.

We are a team of 70 employees from 20 different countries and are looking for a new colleague who would like to take over the manifold tasks of our Human Resources department. Our culture is based on our global purpose to care for people to be their best, authentic self. Thus, our new colleague should be a strong team player, with a strong sensibility for cultural characteristics, who enjoys working in a very international and diverse team.
Strong responsibility on matters of confidentiality and discretion
Culturally sensitive, energetic, and reliable
Mature and confidential interaction with Senior Management
Good writing and prose skills in English, proficiency in German is a must
Strong team player and organizer within the department
Personable and pleasant to deal with
Basic business acumen
Understanding of HR related laws and regulations in Switzerland
Minimum five years’ experience with an international company in a similar general human resources position

The responsibility of this position will include all tasks related to the classic and generalist Human Resources function, including recruitment, selection, hiring, payroll preparation, learning and development, on- and off-boarding, social security, handling of visa applications, etc. Furthermore the Human Resources Manager will ensure the timely and accurate administration of all employee data in local and global Human Resources and social security platforms.

But most importantly we are looking for somebody who wants to make a difference and leave a trace in our business environment by making recommendations for future improvements and playing a key role in all future transformation and change management processes.

Besides the tasks focused mainly on the Zurich office, the function will also make sure that all policies and procedures are aligned with other Hyatt International Offices throughout our region.

If this sounds like your position please apply online on https://careers.hyatt.com/en-US/careers/
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Arbeitsort 8302 Kloten
Arbeitspensum 80% - 100%
Stellenantritt 11.12.2018
Hyatt International (Europe Africa Middle East) GmbH

Bavasso Giuseppina
Balz-Zimmermannstrasse 7
8302 Zürich


Bavasso Giuseppina

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